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Plant Equipment

Our factory is located in Shandong Province, China, covering an area of 20000 square meters. After 20 years of production experience, the company has become a professional enterprise that integrates scientific research, production, sales, engineering, and service. The company produces various types of stainless steel hardware accessories, customized research and development, widely used in yachts, docks, buildings, kitchens, furniture, medical, military products and other fields.

Mechanical equipment includes: drilling machines, tapping machines, CNC lathes, hydraulic machines, pipe bending machines, laser cutting machines, sawing machines, punching machines, spot welding machines, argon arc welding machines, polishing machines, polishing machines, tensile testing machines, etc.

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At present our factory has a number of workshops

Polishing workshop: We have invested 10 fully automatic polishing equipment. Deburring and polishing of automation equipment can not only increase productivity for manufacturers, but also contribute to long-term cost reduction, increased production efficiency, and enhanced worker safety.

Salt spray testing workshop: We have a number of salt spray testing machines that meet international standards, and the products have been strictly tested to provide guarantee for product quality.

Casting workshop: The high-temperature furnace processes the raw materials at high temperature to make the materials more tough, and the temperature is strictly controlled during the casting process to make the products more robust.

Spectrometer instruments
Material analysis and detection

Polishing machine
Some products are polished by machine

CNC lathe
Precision lathe processing

Salt spray testing equipment
The product will pass 120 hours of sallt spray testing

Breaking force machine
We can conduct a fracture load test on the product, which is the standard value for passing the product inspection.

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