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Chain Stopper

ANDY MARINE is a marine hardware manufacturer and Chain Stopper supplier in China. Stainless steel Chain Stopper provide secure holding power for anchor chains and are commonly used on boats and yachts. They are designed to grip the anchor chain firmly and prevent it from slipping or running out when the anchor is not in use.We have been specialized in marine hardware for many years. Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the European and American markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

What is the Chain Stopper?

The Chain Stopper holds the anchor while the ship is underway and guides the chain during anchoring manoeuvres. During anchoring, the Chain Stopper withstands the forces from the anchor, so the anchor winch is protected.

Why is the Chain Stopper important?

A Chain Stopper, which is also known as a cable stopper, is a device used to secure the anchor chain when riding at anchor, because the windlasses are not designed to hold high loads while a vessel is a anchor, the Chain Stopper can relieve the strain on the windlass and secure the anchor in the housed position in the hawse pipe. A Chain Stopper usually consists of two parallel vertical plates mounted on a base with a pivoting par or pawl which drops down to bear on a chain link. A hinged bar is fitted in the Chain Stopper which may be dropped between two links of the chain to prevent the chain from running out when the windlass brake is released.

What are the different types of Chain Stopper?

There are many types of anchor Chain Stopper for windlass. Commonly used are guillotine type and spiral type. Others include cam type and hook type. The knife chain catcher uses the knife to clamp the vertical chain ring passing through the guide groove to stop the anchor chain.

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Anchor Chain Stopper 316 Stainless Steel

Anchor Chain Stopper 316 Stainless Steel

ANDY MARINE is Anchor Chain Stopper 316 Stainless Steel manufacturer and supplier in China who can wholesale Anchor Chain Stopper 316 Stainless Steel. We use German Chain Stopper to ensure that it is mirror-polished high-quality Chain Stopper. We are a professional Marine hardware manufacturer for 35 years, and our products cover most of the European and American markets. I am looking forward to being your partner in China.

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Our factory is one of professional Chain Stopper manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our products are all made in China. Our product is high quality, classy and durable. And our mirror polished product is corrosion resistance. We provide customized services. And we will provide you with a quotation and price list.
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