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Based on the historical, Andy Marine with a simple yet ambitious goal: to deliver high-quality marine hardware and yacht accessories. Our story is not just about a company, but a team of dedicated, experienced, and passionate individuals who are Grew the business of full line marine hardware manufacturer including custom castings.

Shandong Power Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, our company has gone through multiple stages of development and has become a professional Marine hardware supplier.

From 1998 to 2008 year: Creation and stabilization phase (establishment to 10 years) In the early days of the company's establishment, and focused on establishing a sound organizational structure and management system. We have an experienced team dedicated to the research and innovation of stainless steel casting process. With quality and reliability as the core, continuously improve the technical level and manufacturing capacity of products.

The second stage since 2009 years: market expansion stage (11 years to 15 years) With the continuous advancement of technology and the growth of market demand, we are actively expanding the market share of our products. Through close cooperation with customers, we have a deep understanding of the needs of various industries and provide customized solutions. We have not only expanded our influence in the domestic market, but also actively explored international business and established long-term cooperative relationships with customers all over the world.

The third stage 2015 years: technological innovation and diversified development stage (16 years to now). In order to cope with the fierce market competition, our company has continuously increased the intensity of technological innovation. We introduce advanced production equipment and process technology to improve the precision and consistency of products. At the same time, we are also actively exploring development opportunities in different fields to expand our product lines, such as High-end construction industry, medical devices, etc. We always maintain the relentless pursuit of quality and provide customers with high-quality stainless steel marine hardware products.

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