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R&D Advantages

Research and development advantages of ANDY MARINE investment casting:

With the support of the research and development team, the power investment casting factory maintains strong research and development capabilities from the initial stage to the manufacturing stage.

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Professional R&D team support

  We have established a strong engineering team consisting of 10 experienced engineers who have worked in the wax loss casting industry for over 10 years. We can provide professional knowledge from the entire product development process to the final product process of component manufacturing.

●  During the inquiry and quotation stage, the company's business and technical teams closely communicate with customers to understand their needs and product characteristics, and provide product design and manufacturing feasibility assessments as well as diversified solutions. Turn great ideas into reality bit by bit.

●  Our engineers are involved in product design in the early stages and can provide feasibility assessments and optimized manufacturing solutions at the manufacturing end to improve product manufacturability and save manufacturing costs for customers.

●  Our research and development advantages not only lie in stainless steel castings, but also in other injection molding, stamping, forging, rolling and other processes. We have the same technological advantages and reasonable prices.

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What is a custom stainless steel casting?

●  Customized stainless steel castings are a metal processing process for producing customized stainless steel parts. As one of the most commonly used casting metal processes, its working principle is to pour molten stainless steel into a mold for solidification, thereby obtaining the desired shape of solid stainless steel components.By using the wax loss casting process, stainless steel castings with complex structures and smooth surfaces can be produced, saving considerable machining costs.





Customized process for stainless steel castings:

Like alloy steel castings and carbon steel castings, the stainless steel casting process is a metal forming process of wax loss casting, which includes forming wax molds and then covering them with refractory ceramic shells to form shell molds. When the wax inside the shell mold melts, the ceramic shell is left as the mold. Then pour the molten stainless steel from the fluid into the mold to form the casting component. After the metal solidifies and the mold is removed, stainless steel castings with a near net shape can be provided without the need for secondary processing, while some investment castings may require secondary processing.

Advantages of Customized Stainless Steel Castings:

▶ Strong corrosion resistance, cyclic use, high strength, high-quality surface finish, and no parting line further enhance the aesthetics of the parts. So it is also widely used in high-end and harsh environments such as oceans, ships, medical equipment, and machinery.

▶ High dimensional accuracy and complex near net shape - Impressively, this is a casting process with a near net shape with minimal precision machining tolerance. After precision machining, the dimensional tolerance of the part reaches+/-0.075 mm.

▶ This method of handling large parts can handle parts of different sizes. It is suitable for parts as light as 100g and as heavy as 300kgs. The huge turbine blades it produces are of the same quality as micro medical devices.

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