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Bronze Seawater Strainers
  • Bronze Seawater StrainersBronze Seawater Strainers
  • Bronze Seawater StrainersBronze Seawater Strainers
  • Bronze Seawater StrainersBronze Seawater Strainers
  • Bronze Seawater StrainersBronze Seawater Strainers

Bronze Seawater Strainers

You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Bronze Seawater Strainers, ANDY MARINE looks forward to cooperating with you. We are always committed to producing high quality Bronze Seawater Strainers and bronze fittings.

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Product Description

Bronze Seawater Strainers

Product Introduction

ANDY MARINE is a professional China Bronze Seawater Strainers manufacturer and supplier, if you are looking for the best Bronze Seawater Strainers with low price, consult us now! We will pay attention to the surface treatment and dimensional accuracy of the Bronze Seawater Strainers to ensure the service life of the product.

Product Parameter (Specification)

Product name

Bronze Seawater Strainers

Specification available

Multiple sizes

Standards that follow to


Samples available


Packing method

Bubble bag+Wooden carton

Production lead time

10-15 days for a 20ft container, 20-25 days for a 40ft container

Warranty time

Support returns and exchanges

Payment term


FOB loading port

Qingdao China

Bronze Seawater StrainersBronze Seawater Strainers

Seawater Strainers
Specification Medol No. W1 W2 L H Thread-BSPT
3/4” AM-B61606 19 80.9 75.2 50.5 26.4
1" AM-B61610 25.2 83 76 57.6 33.3
1-1/4" AM-B61612 31 83 76.4 67 41.9
1-1/2" AM-B61614 39 83 76.4 72.4 47.8
2” AM-B61620 50.1 89.1 79.9 94.5 59.6
2-1/2" AM-B61624 64 395 86 109.2 75.2
3" AM-B61630 75 101.2 93.6 124 87.9
4” AM-B61640 96.6 148 135.9 155 133
5" AM-B61650 121.11 124 107 201.1 139.8

Product Feature And Application

The history of Bronze Seawater Strainers can be traced back to the development of marine systems and the need to protect vital components from debris and clogging. Bronze has been the material of choice for building seawater filters in marine applications for many years due to its excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Early versions of Seawater Strainers may have been made from a variety of materials, but bronze quickly became the material of choice due to its superior performance in marine environments. As technology advances in the marine industry, the demand for Seawater Strainers increases. As ships become larger and more complex, the need to ensure clean and continuous water supply to various systems such as engines, generators and cooling systems becomes critical. The use of bronze in Seawater Strainers is popular for its resistance to salt water corrosion, a common problem in marine environments. Bronze Seawater Strainers long service life and durability in demanding conditions make them popular among boat owners and operators. Over time, advances in technology and manufacturing processes have enabled the production of more efficient and user-friendly Bronze Seawater Strainers. These Seawater Strainers have evolved to include features such as removable screens, clear covers for easy inspection, and various configurations to accommodate different installation requirements. Today, Bronze Seawater Strainers continue to be widely used and appreciated in the marine industry. They provide reliable filtration for seawater intake systems, helping to keep vital components free from debris and ensuring the smooth operation of marine systems. The history of Bronze Seawater Strainers highlights the importance of using durable and corrosion-resistant materials to protect marine equipment and maintain optimal.

Product Details

Bronze Seawater Strainers have several notable features that make them suitable for marine applications. Some key features include:

Corrosion Resistance:

Bronze is highly resistant to seawater corrosion, making it an ideal material for Seawater Strainers. This ensures Seawater Strainers longevity and durability even in harsh marine environments.

Removable Screen:

Many Bronze Seawater Strainers are designed with removable screens. This feature makes cleaning and maintenance easy as it enables users to remove and clean the filter without disassembling the entire unit.

Clear Cover: 

Some Bronze Seawater Strainers come with a clear cover that allows visual inspection of the filter without disassembly. This feature enables users to quickly assess the condition of the filter and identify any potential clogs or debris.

Multiple Configurations: 

Bronze Seawater Strainers are available in a variety of configurations to suit different installation requirements. They are available in different sizes, inlet/outlet orientations and mounting options, allowing flexible installation in different vessel systems.

High Flow: 

Bronze Seawater Strainers are designed to handle large volumes of water flow. This ensures adequate water supply to systems such as engines, generators and cooling systems, preventing equipment damage or overheating.

Easy to install: 

Bronze Seawater Strainers are usually designed to be easy to install, with user-friendly features such as threaded connections or flanges. This simplifies the installation process and reduces the time and effort required for setup.


Bronze is a strong material that can withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment. Bronze Seawater Strainers are durable and provide long-term reliability and performance.

Easy to maintain: 

Bronze Seawater Strainers require very little maintenance, which mainly consists of regular cleaning and inspection. Their removable screen and transparent cover make maintenance tasks easier and more convenient.

The characteristics of Bronze Seawater Strainers ensure efficient filtration, corrosion resistance, durability and ease of maintenance all important qualities for marine applications.

Loading & Shipment

Thanks to superior quality, we have been establishing a close & long business partner relationship with the customers from more than 30 countries, and we've gotten so many positive feedback regarding the quality.

Bronze Seawater Strainers


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