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Secondary Procurement of 100000 Pieces By Australian Partners


Marine hardware is an important part of the yachting industry, providing the necessary equipment to maintain the functionality and safety of your boat. Without the right marine product accessories, your yacht will not function properly. Therefore, choosing the right marine hardware is crucial for yacht owners. When it comes to choosing marine accessories for your yacht, ANDY MARINE is one of the best options.

Recently, our Australian partner made a secondary purchase for its store, with the quantity exceeding 100,000 pieces, which will be transported using 40HQ containers.

Shandong Power Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.

Shandong Power Industry And Trade Co., Ltd. is a marine hardware supplier based in Qingdao, focusing on the production of marine hardware and other marine supplies. Its regular accessories include more than 20,000 types. Its main products include: boat anchor, stainless steel accessories, life-saving equipment, etc.

We will continue to maintain efficient services and provide support and assistance to every partner.

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